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Constitutional and administrative law and the enforcement of fundamental rights occupy a central position in the collective expertise offered by the firm.

Dr. Kamal Hossain, who chaired the Constitution Drafting Committee established by the Constituent Assembly of Bangladesh, is considered to be the country’s leading expert on constitutional matters, and has appeared as counsel or been appointed by the Supreme Court as amicus curiae in many landmark cases.

The firm has a successful track record in challenging the actions of administrative and regulatory authorities and enforcement of government contracts in constitutional petitions. We also have extensive experience in judicial review of administrative decisions concerning assessment and payment of tax, customs duty and VAT.

We have been involved in many proceedings for the enforcement of fundamental rights, including the rights to life and liberty, equality and equal protection of the law, safeguards on arrest, fair trial, freedom of expression, association, movement and religion and the right to property.The firm is well known for its pro bono work in the areas of human rights, environmental law and protection of heritage building sites and monuments.