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Privacy Policy

This policy aims to safeguard your privacy and to inform you of how Dr. Kamal Hossain and Associates (“DKHA”) manages the information acquired from you through your use of the website, (“Website”).
  1. This Policy applies to your use of the Website and any content shared through it and should be read in conjunction with DKHA’s Terms and Conditions.
  2. This Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh.
  3. DKHA may collect the following types of information regarding any visitor of the Website (“Personal Information”):
    i. name, address, contact number, email address and any other information that you share with us;
    ii. other business information necessarily processed in the context of a project or client contractual relationship with DKHA; and
    iii. information gathered from publicly accessible sources.
  4. Your Personal Information will be kept confidential to the greatest degree feasible and utilised to facilitate your interaction with DKHA. 
  5. DKHA may gather Personal Information about you in a variety of situations, including when you access the Website or otherwise interact with it.
  6. In general, providing DKHA with your Personal Information is entirely voluntary, and there are no adverse repercussions if you opt not to share information
  7. DKHA may only use your Personal Information for the following Permitted Purposes (“Permitted Purposes”):
    i. to improve Website experience;
    ii. to offer legal services requested by you;
    iii. to manage and administer your business relationship with DKHA;
    iv. to maintain and manage the security of the Website;
    v. to comply with DKHA’s legal and regulatory duties within Bangladesh;
    vi. to comply with court orders and to exercise DKHA’s legal rights; and
    vii. for any other reason for which your Personal Information was submitted to DKHA.
  8. DKHA may disclose your Personal Information under the following conditions:
    i. DKHA may disclose your Personal Information to courts, law enforcement agencies, regulators, lawyers, or other parties where it is required by law, and
    ii. DKHA may additionally direct service providers inside or outside DKHA, locally or internationally, such as shared service centers, to handle personal data for Permitted Purposes on its behalf and according to DKHA’s instructions.
  9. Apart from the above, DKHA will only share your Personal Information at your direction or with your permission.
  10. If you give Personal Information to DKHA about someone else, you must ensure that you are authorised to reveal that Personal Information to DKHA and that DKHA may collect, use, and disclose such Personal Information as indicated in this Policy.
  11. DKHA may store Personal Information on its own data storage systems, those of its contractors, or in paper files.
  12. DKHA takes reasonable security measures, at a minimum those required by the laws of Bangladesh, to preserve and safeguard your Personal Information. You acknowledge the inherent security implications of supplying information through internet/cellular/data networks and agree not to hold DKHA liable for any breach of security or the exposure of Personal.
  13.  This Policy is subject to change based on changing legal and regulatory requirements and any change will be posted online.
  14. DKHA appreciates your feedback on its website and policy. Please email us at if you have any questions or comments.